Old Radio

Hello! Here’s a new piece:

radio_1 radio_2

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Old Phone

Hello! Here’s something new.



wall_phone phone

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Almost there…

3. Texturing! Please, don’t consider this as the final result: it is just a fast preview in Marmoset. The final visual result will be in Unreal Engine.Β 



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Moving further…

Today I’m happy somehow and I had a good mood for working. As I promised, here’s another step for the Sacred Table for the Great Work. It was kind of masochistic job, but there it is… Also I’m thinking about placing a character in the scene: the Great Alchemist, or the Grand Architect (I’m not sure how to name him…). I’ve found inspiration in Gerard Encausse’s philosophical works, and I’ve also drawn a few sketches with the symbols I’ll use on the texture. I’m planning to use my own copper engravings that I’ve made during the university. πŸ™‚

2. Unwrap.



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Hello, dear friends, sorry for the lack of updates.Β Just in case you were wondering: I’m not dead. I’m working! During the past weeks I had some kind of “strange-sad-feelings”, you know, artist’s brain-mess… So I was kind of dead, unproductive. But now I’m back, ready for a new challenge! I found the inspiration for this project in a few philosophical books I’ve read. So, I hope You’ll like. Aaaand, I promise: I’ll update this blog with every step I make. πŸ™‚Β 

1. Here’s a small detail from the project: the Table of the Great Master, just a simple AO render, to see the overall shape.

zxcvz (4)

zxcvz (3)

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Hello, amigos! Here’s a new character for a story that I’m curently working on! πŸ™‚ I’ve used Autodesk MAYA for modeling/texturing and Photoshop for compositing.



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PRINCE FROG – testig different angles and shaders :)



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